I found this video online of our Christmas Program by the First Grade. The Fourth Grade performed on the same night, but I haven’t found a video of theirs. I did have my video running but I’m not sure how it turned out yet as no one was manning it. The first graders are sooooo cute! Enjoyed their little songs, a lot from Plank Road Publishing, a wonderful music company.

Every year I take pictures of the first grade to feature in the Veterans Day program. This is the very first one I made from back in 2005. Sorry for the poor video quality, but at that time, we could not upload videos in HD.

One of the very few programs that I have repeated in all of my 32-plus years of teaching is The Nutcracker. It is so much fun! I can still remember doing it at the old buildings–Odon, Plainville, and Elnora. The melodies are timeless, and this little musical is so lovely. I know it really is a ballet, but the music is so familiar now due to its use in holiday movies and commercials. It doesn’t feel out of place to sing it. I know the students love it. Every year I’m asked if we are doing The Nutcracker! Sorry, kiddos. We really should wait a few years in between. Here are some pictures from this year’s edition. I didn’t take these pictures–thanks Angie! I’m always appreciative of music program pictures, so if you have any, please, email me some!


I found a video online of our singing in the Veterans Day program. There are over 600 little bodies all singing at the same time (some times not exactly, but with full heart and love for the Veterans). I am so proud of them!

Our theme this year is P.A.W.S. (which stands for with Positive Attitudes We Succeed). Our school was decorated with all kinds of animals and paw prints when the students arrived last fall. I try to carry the school theme over in at least one or more music programs. This year’s theme was perfect for a program about animals. Here is a photo of the second graders. If you have any more pictures, could you, please, send them to me?

“We the People” is my newest Veterans Day video. I made it using Digital Juice clips. The song is from Plank Road Publishing, and it features the entire text of the Preamble to the Constitution. All my students, grade 2 to 6, can now recite it from memory. The younger kids have trouble with the meaning of the large words, so I’m hoping the video will help with that!

This is an update of an older PowerPoint that I did of “You Are Our Heroes” several years ago. It’s a great song and is also from the magazine Music K-8 by Plank Road Publishing. The full performance recordings of this music selection is copyrighted material belonging to the Plank Road Publishing, Inc. Music by Teresa Jennings.

It’s that time of year again when I think a lot about Veterans Day. My school is performing at the high school on Tuesday for a large Veterans Day service. It will be broadcast this year. That’s a little scary. We have been working a long time on our songs. Two of them, we have sang before–Blue and Red and White as well as the Patriotic Medley that is an annual tradition. Those links are in the columns on the right side of my blog. Three are new however. I will put the one You Tube link. The other two will be Windows media files (wmv). Please, don’t forget to thank your family members and friends who were Veterans. Happy Veterans Day! The full performance recordings of this music selection is copyrighted material belonging to the Plank Road Publishing, Inc. Music by Teresa Jennings.

Here’s another that I didn’t embed. Check it out here:
Thankful For the U.S.A.!

Today is the day we set aside to honor Veterans, but I hope that our servicemen and women deserve more than a day. Most give years of their lives serving their country. Tomorrow my school will be performing songs in a Veterans Day ceremony. We have worked since the beginning of school on it, and I hope that the Veterans enjoy it. I pray that the students will be very respectful and in top singing form. We are singing “American Tears,” “The Lights of Freedom,” “Patriotic Medley,” “Yankee Doodle Boy,” and “Step Into the Spotlight.” Here is one of the videos from YouTube. Check out my YouTube Channel for the other videos.