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Surnames that I am especially interested in include Sherfick, Wade, Hutton, Freeman, Tredway, Williams, Smith, and Barr. To see more names in my genealogy file, click "Surnames" on the right upper column. If you have any ancestor/family information, photos, or scanned documents that you would like to add to the site, please, just email me. If there are any special memories or histories of loved ones you would like to add, that would be great too! Special Thanks go to many individuals who have helped me with my research. A lot of the information concerning Wade relatives came from Missy Wade and Joan Hyslop. Also, please, use the information on this site as a starting place for your research only. I hope you enjoy my website!

A large part of my research started with trying to figure out where my father's unusual surname, Sherfick, came from. As a kid, I didn't even know what nationality it was. Now I at least know our family was German and most possibly from the Caspar Scherrfig family. A DNA test confirms that I do have several Sherfeys as cousins, but it is still unclear as to which line we belong. In more recent generations, I have been obsessed with finding information about my Grandfather's businesses, known collectively as Sherfick Incorporated. Check out the photos and information about the various business enterprises of my paternal grandfather, Thomas D. Sherfick. He employed several hundred people in Shoals, Indiana in the Sherfick Music Service (jukeboxes) and the Sherfick Furniture Factory (drop leaf tables and television cabinets). The factory burned while my father was in the Korean War, and I have some photos and even a video of the fire. Before the Great Depression Tom Sherfick enjoyed gardening and bought the biggest Dahlia Farm in the United States in the 1920's. It was located in New Albany, Indiana. He also shipped honey all over the country. After the Depression he sold anvils in the Kentucky area. When his music business failed in the Sixties, he went back to sales as he became an insurance salesman. Look for the link "Sherfick Inc." on the right column for more details! Dad's other trees include Huttons, Williams, Swayzes, and Wagoners. See his link at the top of the website for more information.

On my mother's side, it is a little more complicated. Her maternal grandfather was an orphan from Canada. Joshua Freeman came to Martin County and worked on the Willow Valley railroad tunnel, even living in caves for a time. Family legend said that Mom's maternal grandmother was a Native American, but DNA tests show that I have no Native American blood at all. This grandmother's maiden name was supposedly Smith, so that makes this family about as easy to find as a needle in a haystack. Another puzzle is that her wedding license has her maiden name the same as her new marriage surname. Perhaps she was married to another family member. I do know that this Wade, Cooper, Saunders line is the most prominent in my DNA matches, taking up about 90% of them! This has led me to a few trips to Salem, Indiana (where the Wades lived before coming to Martin County). I discovered that the Merrida Wade family was involved with the creation of two Church of Christ congregations in Southern Indiana before the Civil War. There is also an earlier link with the Quaker religion through the Cooper and Saunders families.


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Please, make sure you check out these links. The blog and genealogy gallery will open up in a new page. There is surely more information to be found about Sherfick Inc. Let me know if you have stories or photos you would be willing to share! I'll keep adding to the new Military Heroes category as time permits.