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101 Additional info on Swayze family came from Terria Otto. This was info from Gma, tombstones, obits and from family members. SWAYZE, Christine Opal (I1315)
102 Additional info on Swayze family came from Terria Otto. This was info from Gma, tombstones, obits and from family members. SWAYZE, George M. (I1263)
103 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TUCKER, M.L. (I3461)
104 Adopted daughter of George and Rebecca living with them during 1900 census. She was living in Long Beach, California in 1966 with no children. DAWSON, Bessie (I2580)
105 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HOLMAN, B.J. (I6775)
106 Adopted son. SHERFICK, Mike (I8463)
107 After death of husband in civil war, Electa remarried John Myers in Ohio.

At the time of the 1870 census Electra is living with her husband, John Myers, her son with John, William P. (age 2) and her first son, John Sherfick (age 14). They are living in Lawrence Twn, Washington Co., Ohio.

At time of 1900 census Electa is living alone. Son William and family is living next door.

At time of 1910 census Electra is living alone. Son in not in neighborhood. 
CARLIN, Electra Kelly (I247)
108 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SHERFICK, J.L. (I1079)
109 Age 14, Perry township, Martin county, IN, 1900 census. Livingwith his Grandpa Moses Williams.
Patricia Ann Connerly Gordon, researcher 
ELLIS, Stephen (I1506)
110 Age 35, Perry township, Martin county, IN, 1900 census.
As to Samuel it isn't Samuel it was Saul, he was originally named Ishmel at birth but hated the name and by age 15 or 16 he had changed it to Saul. Saul is the Youngest of Nine children and my Great Grandfather was the oldest and lived about a mile or less across the field from him. William Clayton Vanhoy/Van Hoy. If you are interested in more on the family line let me know. Paul VanHoy 
VANHOY, Ishmel "Saul" (I1499)
111 Aletha lists her father as being born in Ireland in 1880 census. Other research lists his residence as Tulare, Ireland. The family moved from Virginia to Ohio sometime between 1837 (birth of William in Virginia) and 1843 (birthof Louisa in Ohio). In 1850 the census lists the Moore family living in London Twn, Carroll Co., Ohio. In 1860 living in Decatur Twn, Washington Co., Ohio with wife Nancy and children William, Elizabeth, and Margaret. Daughter Elizabeth was listed as idiotic on 1870 census (Decatur, Washington, Ohio). John also living with wife Nancy and younger daughter Margaret is listed as helping mother. Elizabeth is 37 and Margaret is 28. In 1880 living in Decatur Twp, Washington Co., Ohio as 86 year old man with his wife of many years, Nancy. Their daughter Elizabeth, now almost 50 years old, is living with them. She also lists on the census that his parents were both born in Ireland. Her parents were born in Maryland.

Note posted by Sheila Sherfick mentions that John Moore died at the age of 104 which would have been around 1892. He was also said to be in the War of 1812. He was buried at the Decatur Church, Decatur Twp., Washington Co., Ohio. 
MOORE, John Marshall (I235)
112 Alive at death of father in 1992 and residing at Henderson, Kentucky. SORRELLS, Dale (I924)
113 Alive at death of father in 1992. SORRELLS, Charles Freeman (I921)
114 Alive at death of father in 1992. SORRELLS, Lawrence Elvis (I919)
115 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SHERFICK, B.J. (I977)
116 Alphonsus L. CARRICO, a veteran of the Spanish-American War and an attorney, who practiced law in Shoals and later in Oklahoma City, where he died several years ago. CARRICO, Alphonsus L. (I6940)
117 Also found her birthday as Feb 10th too. She was living in Seymour, Indiana at the time of Lora's death. SHERFICK, Rachel Elzora "Zora" (I909)
118 Also found her name as Clorinda. WAGGONER, Lucinda (I7253)
119 Also found her surname Bevers. BEAVERS, Mary Jane (I4037)
120 Also found his name spelled Florsillan by his nephew, Herb.

1860 living in Wapella, Louisa, Iowa with parents and younger brother William F.

During 1900 census living in Hastings, Las Animas, Colorado, next door to brother and father. The census people mistakenly put his surname as Melville (his son's middle name, George Melville Sherfick). There are 4 boarders living with the family. All the men are miners, including Farcillan.

Living during 1910 census in Delta Co., Colorado with wife and son.

1910 census lists his occupation as farmer.

1920 census shows his name as Florsillin, living with wife Emma in 13th pct of Delta Co., Colorado.

In Douglas County News 11 Nov 1921 and Brandon News (Brandon, Kiowa County), 17 Nov 1921:
F.N. Sherfick, 64 years old, a farmer from near Paonia, died from the effects of wounds received when he was gored by a bull in the corral back of his home. Sherfick's wife played a heroic part in the incident, beating off the enraged animal with a club in a vain effort to save her husband's life. The bull attacked Sherfick, according to his wife's story, when he went into the corral to do some work. He attempted to jump over the fence, but was knocked down. 
SHERFICK, Farcillan M. (I1874)
121 Also found name spelled Charles V. Niswongin NEISWONGER, Charles V. (I388)
122 Also has son Skilaire Joe Shuey born on August 17, 1996 in Seymour, IN. Unknown mother. Gibson, Jeremy Paul (I10304)
123 Also has Stepson Skilaire Joe Shuey born on August 17, 1996 in Seymour, IN. Unknown mother. LEWIS, Jacqueline Kristine (I4008)
124 Also lived in Loudon County, Virginia. His early years were spent in Pennsylvania as a carpenter.

All of his children were born in Loudon County, Virginia. The entire family moved to Jefferson County, Ohio sometime after 1804. Changed their Quaker meeting from Westland Monthly Metting in Virginia to Concord Monthly Metting in Jefferson Co., Ohio. Certificate of removal was received 24 Apr 1804. 
HUTTON, Joseph (I3516)
125 Also lived in New Mexico as SSN issued NM. MCMULLIN, Hyla (I2296)
126 Also recorded names as Able. He could not read or write and signed his name with an "X."

Abel and Auzy moved to Lawrence County, Indiana in 1818 from Ohio.

Listed in the 1820, 1830, and 1840 in the Indiana censuses, Lawrence County.

He is buried in the Wards Chapel Cemetery is inside the Crane Naval Base and is not far from where the home of Abel Hutton once stood. Many families were removed from family homes when the government took over the land in early 20th century. Other family members removed from the base included Williams and Swayzes. Ten Hutton family members are buried at the Wards Chapel Cemetery. Most of the fieldstone headstones are unreadable. 
HUTTON, Abel II (I3402)
127 Also spells the name Asail.

Burial at Brandywine Township, Hancock Co., IN. 
HUTTON, Asahel (I3551)
128 Although Rebecca was born in Missouri, she lists both of her parents as being born in Kentucky. However in 1930 census she lists HER OWN birth as Kentucky too. UNKNOWN, Rebecca Ellen (I2564)
129 Alton resided at Brown Township, former Martin Co., Indiana. HARRIS, Alton Harvey (I7152)
130 An article in The Brady Citizen, July 19, 1917 stated, "The Huff brothers, Martin and Laurence, have rented the Merigold building and by the last of the week Brady will have a new restaurant and short order house. The boys have completely remodeled their new quarters and will soon be ready for business. The new restaurant will be known as the Narrow Gauge Cafe and Laurence Huff promises an up to date place where quality, cookery and service will always be first." HUFF, Lawrence Edwin (I2122)
131 Art and Ruth had one boy, Kenneth, in Denver. Kenneth had 6 children by 1966. SHERFICK, Ruth Vaughn (I662)
132 At 1850 census living in Adams Twn, Washington Co., Ohio with wife and children. Occupation was grocer. DRUM, Jacob (I874)
133 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SHERFICK, V.F.". (I2377)
134 At the time of Abel's death in 1820, Elizabeth had 10 or more children. She sent Amos to live with distant relative. Later the same year she lost her second daughter, Sarah Hutton Wells. She was forced by ill health and these loses to stepdown as administrator of her husband's estate and surrended guardianship of her 3 minor children. These 3 infant children were Absalom, Aaron, and Ruth. The time of this letter to the "Honorable Judge of the Probate Court of Harrison County in the State of Indiana" was 1825. That would make the ages of these children respectively 7, 9, and 11.

Auction of property by Elizabeth Hutton in 29 Jan 1822 includes list of buyers. Family names included Amasa Hutton, Asa Hutton, Elizabeth Hutton Jr, and Elizabeth Hutton Sr (herself). Inventory sold included furniture, one horse, two cows, two heffers, one stear, one bull, 5 hogs, 2 sows and pigs, one mare, oven, iron, beuro, hand saw, kettle, rifle, 2 beads, log chair, syth, shep shears, ax, drawing knife, loom, oven, plow, and saddle. I figure that the beads are really beds. Very interesting spelling including do do marks (ditto).

Abel I must have been a wealthy man due to the many documents needed to close out his estate. It also took 5 years before son Abel II received his share of the estate ($17 which would be more than $2,827 today). From the book by Edward L. Hutton. 
UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (I3546)
135 At the time of brother James Albert Morris' death in 1943, her last name was Irvin. At the time of her mother's death she was Dessie Ervin of French Lick. WAGGONER, Dessie (I7516)
136 At the time of her birth, the sight of one of Sarah Tredway's eyes was destroyed by hot candle grease that acidentally dropped into it. Her blindness was a tragedy and may have contributed to the fact that she never married. From her spinsterhood, however, the entire neighborhood received benefit, for Sarah was to become a nurse of exceptional skill. She healed with local herbs. Some of her methods would be thought ridiculous today, such as the use of a crawfish's eye to remove foreign matter from human eyes. It would seem that her skills were at least equal to those of the doctors in the area. On one occasion, a young man caught his hand in a wagon wheel. The doctor called Sarah to assist at the amputation. When she had inspected the wound, she persudeded the doctor to allow her to try what she could do before he removed it. After four months, the hand was nearly as good as new. "Aunt Sallie" as the next generation called her, was also an excellent cook, and it was a great treat to eat her meals.
Title: History of the Tredway Family
Abbrev: History of the Tredway Family
Author: William Thomas Tredway
Publication: W T Tredway, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1930
Note: RIN#9311
Source also: Daniel W. Treadway's RootsWeb site 
TREDWAY, Sarah (I5713)
137 At the time of her father's funeral, she was listed in his obituary as Mamie Pitman. RAGSDALE, Mamie (I1004)
138 At the time of the 1850 census.Nancy (McBride) Williams was found living with her daughter, Jane (Williams) Adkins and her family.

Living with son in 1860 Indiana census. 
MCBRIDE, Nancy (I1514)
139 At the time of the 1900 census Susie is living alone with daughter Jessie in Halbert Twn, Martin Co., IN.

1910 census shows Susie with new husband, James A. Ragsdale. Children include Hershel, Mayme, Cecil, Claude, Clyde, Edna and daugher with Samuel, Jessie Sherfick. Living in Lost River Twn, Martin Co., IN.

Susie Ragsdale died Mar. 15, 1957. She was born in Martin County, IN Sept. 26, 1870. She married James Ragsdale Mar 20, 1903. The following children survive; two sons, Everett Sherfick and Claud Ragsdale; three daughters, Mrs. Jessie Pendley, Mrs. Henry Wolf, and Mrs. Essie Auter; two step sons, Cecil and Hershal Ragsdale; and one step daughter, Mrs. Mamie Putman; one brother Frank Wininger.
From the Shoals News, taken from a scrapbook belonging to Bettie Hutton Sherfick Chestnut. 
WININGER, Sarah Susan "Susie" (I194)
140 At time of 1920 Charles was living in Dayton, Ohio working as a lineman for the telephone company. He was a lodger on West 6th Street.

At time of 1930 census the Charles Sherfick family were lodgers with Marie Gallup and 3 others in Marion County, Indiana.

Lived in Indianapolis at death of his sister, Ruby.

Killed by an electric shock while working atop a utility pole at Indianapolis where he lived for last 20 years. He was employed by Indy Railways, Inc. and slipped on a crossbar.

Charles E. Sherfick, 35, son of Mrs. W. E. Sherfick of this city, was killed by an electric shock Tuesday afternoon while working stop a utility pole at Indianapolis where he had lived for the past twenty years.

According to report, he was employed by the Indianpolis Railways, Inc., and slipped on a crossbar and came in contact with two power wire carrying 750 volts of electricity.

Two fellow employees heard Sherfick call for help, and later pulled him down from the wires. An Indianapolis Fire Department rescue squad used an inhalator more than 30 minutes in an unsuccessful effort to revive him.

He was born in Shoals, going to Indianapolis about 20 years ago. He was a member of the Moose lodge. He had been employed as a lineman by the railway company about one year, and formerly worked for the Indianapolis Power and Light Company.

Besides the mother he is survived by a sister, Mrs. John Dollens, of North Vernon; a brother, Wallace Sherfick, Indianapolis, and two children, Jean, 17, and Janice, 11.

The body was brought here yesterday in the Aden Westfall ambulance and will remain in state at the home of his mother in West Shoals until the funeral. 
SHERFICK, Charles Edison "Ed" (I1053)
141 At time of 1930 census living in Cokedale, Las Animas, Colorado with Louise.

Found a Lois I Sherfick who died in Bremerton. The EESherfick family was the only Sherfick family that I know of to live in Bremerton. I don't know where this Lois ties in.
Date of Death: 13 Apr 1978
Place of Death: Bremerton
Age: 39
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1939
RESIDENCE: Bremerton
Gender: Female
Certificate: 008797 
SHERFICK, Elmer Elsworth Junior (I661)
142 Attended picnic in Shoals, IN before marriage to Grace Sherfick. His residence was listed as Center, Ohio. GARRISON, Paul (I1059)
143 August 17, 1999

born 23 Oct 1936 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN


Last Residence: 46203 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States of America
Married a Miller

CHARLES T. SHERFICK, 62, Indianapolis, died Aug. 15. He was a meat cutter for A&P Grocery 30 years, retiring in 1987. He was a member of United Food and Commercial Workers Union. Services: 11 a.m. Aug. 18 in Jordan-Gray Funeral Home, with calling from 10 a.m. Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors: children Joe C., Laura A. Sherfick brothers John, Dennis R. Sherfick companion Margaret Bramer four grandchildren. 
SHERFICK, Charles Thomas (I8990)
144 Barnabas and his brother went to Canada in 1811 with their father. SWAYZE, Barnabas (I1446)
145 Became head of household in 1850 census in Graham Township, Jefferson Co., Indiana. Wither her were Samuel L. (age 15), Margaret (age 12), Almon W. (age 9 ) and Mandama (age 3).

Living next to William and Nancy Wells in 1860 census (Graham Twn, Jefferson Co., Indiana) with children Harriet M. (13) and Aravilla V. (8). Could William and Nancy be her parents as they are 71 and 67 respectively. 
WELLS, Elizabeth (I3578)
146 Benjamin and Ferribee left Wrightsborough MM in 1786 and went to Bush River MM, SC. They were in Newberry County, South Carolina in January 1787. There were in Union County, South Carolina in 1790. They also returned to Wrightsborough MM at an unknown date during the 1790s. In 1805 they went to Jefferson County, Tennessee. In 1806 they were granted certificates to Lost Creek Monthly Meeting, TN from Wrightsborough MM. In 1807 they travelled to Ohio. In 1808 they were received at West Branch Monthly Meeting, OH. There is no further mention of this family in the Ohio Quaker records. They went to Indiana in the early 1820s and settled in Martin County in the 1830s.

Died while at Lost Creek (Quaker) in Jefferson County, Tennessee.
COOPER, Benjamin (I2471)
147 Benjamin and Mary moved from Tennessee to Mississippi before 1830, then to Alabama by 1839. By 1849 they were back in Mississippi, in Itawamba County.
http://members. ~Randy T/ NatTread.html 1 Jan 2001
and Daniel W. Treadway of RootsWeb 
TREDWAY, Benjamin (I4797)
148 Benjamin and Mary Olive both moved to and met at Weir City, Kansas. They had eleven children, but only 7 lived as adults. Three died as infants.

Mary Olive died after 6 mos. of having sugar diabetes at age 69.  
SHERFICK, Mary Olive (I617)
149 Benjamin is believed to have passed away prior to the 1830 census. WADE, Benjamin H. (I2483)
150 Benjamin was a successful provision merchant and grocer. Benjamin was a Quaker, a pious man. GRUBB, Benjamin (I3529)

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