Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA


Tree: My Family Tree
City/Town : Latitude: 39.767016, Longitude: -86.156255


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHASTAIN, M.R.   I8234 My Family Tree 
2 SCHASSBERGER, J.P.   I6391 My Family Tree 
3 SHERFICK, A.E.   I9009 My Family Tree 
4 SHERFICK, C.R.   I9010 My Family Tree 
5 SHERFICK, Charles Thomas  23 Oct 1936Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I8990 My Family Tree 
6 SHERFICK, David T.  21 Jul 1967Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I8994 My Family Tree 
7 SHERFICK, D.J.   I231 My Family Tree 
8 SHERFICK, E.P.   I6394 My Family Tree 
9 SHERFICK, G.R.   I7033 My Family Tree 
10 SHERFICK, J.C.   I9002 My Family Tree 
11 SHERFICK, J.E.   I9008 My Family Tree 
12 SHERFICK, L.A.   I9012 My Family Tree 
13 SHERFICK, R.T.   I9011 My Family Tree 
14 SHERFICK, T.J.".   I6392 My Family Tree 
15 SHERFICK, Wallace Dale  30 Dec 1928Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I6642 My Family Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALBRIGHT, Eliza Jane  Mar 1970Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1062 My Family Tree 
2 BORROR, Leslie Keene  28 Dec 1974Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1906 My Family Tree 
3 BOWMAN, Mary Catherine "Kate"  11 Sep 1938Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I7635 My Family Tree 
4 Bowman, Mary Jane  Mar 1924Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I9800 My Family Tree 
5 BROWN, Gladys Agatha  22 Feb 2004Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I227 My Family Tree 
6 CHASTAIN, Cyrus P.  3 Sep 1934Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I8225 My Family Tree 
7 DEAN, Margaret Belle  Dec 1947Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I7482 My Family Tree 
8 GARD, Ruth Esther  Aug 1977Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1888 My Family Tree 
9 GRANGER, Charles Joseph  14 Apr 1980Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I290 My Family Tree 
10 HAMPTON, Mirle Thomas  1 Apr 1956Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1192 My Family Tree 
11 HUEBNER, Anna Barbara  31 Dec 1964Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I2709 My Family Tree 
12 HUTTON, Rose Etta  23 Jan 1957Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I9711 My Family Tree 
13 MCATEE, Albert Adrian  31 Oct 1975Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I2726 My Family Tree 
14 MCATEE, James Daniel  19 Feb 1927Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I2729 My Family Tree 
15 MILLER, Paul F.  18 Jul 1928Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I6582 My Family Tree 
16 RAGSDALE, Clyde D.  11 Apr 1934Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1000 My Family Tree 
17 REED, Mildred Lois  12 Sep 1993Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1916 My Family Tree 
18 SHEETZ, Mary Margaret  5 May 1964Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1899 My Family Tree 
19 SHERFICK, Charles Edison "Ed"  17 Aug 1937Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1053 My Family Tree 
20 SHERFICK, Charles Thomas  15 Aug 1999Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I8990 My Family Tree 
21 SHERFICK, Irene  4 Nov 2002Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I968 My Family Tree 
22 SHERFICK, John Howard  2 Jan 1994Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I187 My Family Tree 
23 SHERFICK, Lora Helen  22 Aug 1971Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I907 My Family Tree 
24 SHERFICK, Paul E.  23 Apr 2010Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I10129 My Family Tree 
25 SHERFICK, Robert Paul  21 May 1978Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I2568 My Family Tree 
26 SHERFICK, Wallace Dale  10 Jan 1975Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I6642 My Family Tree 
27 SHERFICK, William Daniel "Will"  1 Oct 1975Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I994 My Family Tree 
28 SHERFICK, William John  18 Sep 1998Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I973 My Family Tree 
29 SHERFICK, Wilma Jane  23 Apr 1991Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I2565 My Family Tree 
30 STRANGE, Alvin  Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I7138 My Family Tree 
31 TERRY, Ritta "Betty"  10 May 1935Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I3398 My Family Tree 
32 TRACEY, Jeanette Christine  27 Jan 1994Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I8924 My Family Tree 
33 VANHOY, Charles M.  May 1975Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1500 My Family Tree 
34 WADE, Emma C.  22 Apr 1952Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I8224 My Family Tree 
35 WAGGONER, Rachel Jane  09 Mar 1946Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I272 My Family Tree 
36 WEDDLE, Donald Orpheus  11 Jul 1998Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I1934 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 MCATEE, Harold Edmund  Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I2728 My Family Tree 
2 SHERFICK, Effie M.  Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA I201 My Family Tree 
3 SHERFICK, S.L.   I897 My Family Tree 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FERRENBURG / BANTER  17 Sep 1934Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA F2599 My Family Tree 
2 GRANGER / SHERFICK  21 Jun 1930Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA F1381 My Family Tree 
3 HAMPTON / TOWE   F406 My Family Tree 
4 HUNDLEY / SHERFICK  6 Jan 1934Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, USA F72 My Family Tree 
5 SCHASSBERGER / SHERFICK   F2013 My Family Tree 
6 SHELTON / SHERFICK   F2012 My Family Tree 
7 SHERFICK / CORNELIUS   F2011 My Family Tree 
8 SHERFICK / MILLER   F3002 My Family Tree 
9 SHERFICK / WILSON   F2014 My Family Tree