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John H. and Rachel J. (Waggoner) Sherfick

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Spring Hill Cemetery, Shoals, Martin County, Indiana, USA

Notes: Headstones are located below the map. Click here to see a list of others who are buried at this cemetery.

Cemetery Photos

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1A Spring Hill Cemetery Visitor A Spring Hill Cemetery Visitor
2Albert Kinder Albert Kinder
3Alice Irene Drake Alice Irene Drake
4Benjamin F. Sherfick Benjamin F. Sherfick
5Benjamin O. and Sarah E. Sherfick Benjamin O. and Sarah E. Sherfick
6Benjamin Sherfick, the progeniator of the Sherfick family Benjamin Sherfick, the progeniator of the Sherfick family
7Bettie and Jack Chestnut Bettie and Jack Chestnut
8Catherine Ruff Catherine Ruff
9Charles and Ada Sherfick Charles and Ada Sherfick
10Charles M. Sherfick Charles M. Sherfick
11Charles Renneker and Cora Belle Sherfick Renneker Charles Renneker and Cora Belle Sherfick Renneker
Daniel and Aletha Sherfick's daughter 
12Dallas B. Sherfick Dallas B. Sherfick
13Daniel Cox Daniel Cox
14Danny Cox Military Danny Cox Military
15Dewey and Georgia Sherfick Dewey and Georgia Sherfick
16Edith R. Sherfick Edith R. Sherfick
17Elza and Mary A. Tredway Elza and Mary A. Tredway
Becky Tredway's nephew 
18Emma Jane Sherfick Emma Jane Sherfick
19Erma Sherfick Lamson Erma Sherfick Lamson
20Everett and Anna Sherfick Everett and Anna Sherfick
21Everett P. and Gertrude H. Atkison Everett P. and Gertrude H. Atkison
Jr. Atkison's Parents 
22Five Headstones In A Row Five Headstones In A Row
23Five Sherficks In a Row Five Sherficks In a Row
24Florence Kinder Sherfick Florence Kinder Sherfick
25Frank B. Sherfick and Susan Baker Sherfick Frank B. Sherfick and Susan Baker Sherfick
26Fred Sherfick Fred Sherfick
27Gaynelle Sherfick Gaynelle Sherfick
28Gene and Mabel Cox Gene and Mabel Cox
29Gene B. and N. Eldean Gene B. and N. Eldean
Future headstone 
30George A. Wade and Shelba J. Cundiff Wade George A. Wade and Shelba J. Cundiff Wade
Front of Headstone 
31George A. Wade Military Plaque George A. Wade Military Plaque
32George and Jewell Sherfick George and Jewell Sherfick
33George and Maggie Wade George and Maggie Wade
34George and Sissy Wade George and Sissy Wade
Back of Headstone 
35George W. Wade Military George W. Wade Military
36H. Eugen Cox Military H. Eugen Cox Military
37Harry Sherfick Harry Sherfick
38Howard and Blume Sherfick Howard and Blume Sherfick
39Jack Chestnut's Military Headstone Jack Chestnut's Military Headstone
40Jeff and Oma Strange Jeff and Oma Strange
41John and Eliza Sherfick John and Eliza Sherfick
42John C. Sherfick John C. Sherfick
43June Pitcock Sherfick June Pitcock Sherfick
44Lucille Peay Lucille Peay
45Maggie and George Wade Maggie and George Wade
Front side of headstone 
46Mary E. Sherfick Mary E. Sherfick
47Nellie Glass Kinder Nellie Glass Kinder
48Nellie Swords Renneker Nellie Swords Renneker
49Oscar and Lucy Sherfick Oscar and Lucy Sherfick
50Ralph and Margie Sherfick Ralph and Margie Sherfick
51Ray and Doris Tredway Ray and Doris Tredway
52Roger Sherfick Military Roger Sherfick Military
53Samuel and Becky Ann Sherfick Samuel and Becky Ann Sherfick
54Samuel Sherfick Samuel Sherfick
55Spring Hill Cemetery Sign Spring Hill Cemetery Sign
56Thomas Daniel Sherfick Thomas Daniel Sherfick
57Thomas Daniel Sherfick and brother Samuel Sherfick
Thomas Daniel Sherfick and brother Samuel Sherfick
Sherfick Brothers 
58Tommy Sherfick Tommy Sherfick
59Tommy Sherfick Military Tommy Sherfick Military
60Walter and Jessie Heironimus Walter and Jessie Heironimus
61Wayne and Norma Lea Wade Wayne and Norma Lea Wade
62Wayne Wade's Military Plaque Wayne Wade's Military Plaque
63William D. Sherfick William D. Sherfick